16 Apr 2017

Passion Week: Day 7

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Day 7 (The Resurrection): Read Luke 24:1-12.

The resurrection account starts with women. It is interesting that God chose to reveal the resurrection first to these women. Culturally, women weren’t important, they were second class citizens. Women’s testimonies couldn’t be used in a court of law because they were women. And yet the story of the resurrection begins with women going to prepare Jesus’ body.

Why it this important? Because the gospel message is subversive. It challenges the social, cultural, and spiritual norms. It reimagines life through God’s eyes. It says that the poor can become rich, the lowly can be exalted, the lost can be found, the dead can be made alive again. Everything will be different. And that’s the point. Jesus’ death and resurrection changes everything.

One of the biggest problems we have is that the resurrection becomes ordinary. We’ve heard it and sung about it many times before. It’s lost its luster, its ability to move us. And because of that, we feel spiritually lifeless. We remember when the gospel was so vibrant in our lives and we miss those days.

The resurrection account reminds us that the resurrection is unique. We see the women perplexed and frightened. And upon hearing that Jesus was raised from the dead, they must go and tell the others. Upon hearing, Peter runs to the tomb to see for himself. When he sees that Jesus is no longer there, he went back marveling.

Nothing in the resurrection account is ordinary for Jesus’ disciples, and it should not be ordinary to us.

  1. What happens to you spiritually when the cross and resurrection become ordinary?
  2. How can you keep the cross and resurrection special in your heart?

Prayer: Risen Jesus, no one saw it coming, but your march out of the tomb has changed everything. This day leaves me breathless in wonder—death is conquered, hope lives, love wins, salvation is here! Give me profound delight as I enjoy your resurrection life and deep devotion as I follow your resurrection way. Christ is risen, hallelujah! Amen. (from Seeking God’s Face)

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