15 Apr 2017

Day 6: Read Luke 23:50-56.

I’ve always tried to imagine what Saturday was like for Jesus’ disciples. Were they in shock, denial, despair, all of the above? Did any of them have hope for a resurrection, and if so, how did the others handle that? They must have felt lost, alone, even abandoned. They must have questioned everything about the three years they spent following Jesus.

Of course we all know what Sunday brings for the disciples, the resurrection of Jesus. His resurrection changes the course of their lives. They experience the risen Lord and are forever changed. They spend their lives taking the gospel wherever God leads them. And many even die for the faith. But Saturday is an in-between day, a “not yet” day. A day where things aren’t quite done.

And that’s where we live. We know how the story ends, that Jesus dies and rises from the grave. We know that the gospel is real and our lives have been forever changed. But, we’re still not there. Redemption has not been fully realized. We are living in the “not yet”. We know that one day God will bring perfect and final justice. One day we will be made perfect, just as we were meant to be. But that day has not come yet.

So what do we do until then?

Look at the women. They went to Jesus’ tomb to see the body and to start the work of preparing spices and ointments which they were going to use on Sunday. They went out of love. They loved Jesus because of who he was and what he did for them. Others were in despair, they were loving.

Love is faith. If there is no afterlife, if things never get made right, then why love? Simply do what you want, be selfish, and live for yourself. But if a day is coming that already hasn’t, then live in light of that coming day and love. If you decide to live in the “not yet” being loving, you’ll never have anything to regret.

  1. In what ways are we living in the “not yet”. What will change on the day Jesus returns?
  2. Am I living for this reality or for that reality?
  3. How does my faith inform my desire and ability to love?
  4. Why should I love God today?

Prayer: Forsaken God, you really did die. The cross was no theatre or mere metaphor; you weren’t whisked away badly injured yet alive. You set out to save, and you went all the way to death, fulfilling god’s justice and truth, fully paying for my sin. And so today, between the cross and the resurrection, I wait for your salvation to dawn again in my life. Amen. (from Seeking God’s Face)

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