A Personal and Lasting Faith

Our vision is to see our teens not only survive the teenage years, but to thrive emotionally, physically,  intellectually and most of all, spiritually. Specifically, we believe this is only possible when teens encounter JESUS and give their lives to HIM. There is a wise saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”. We believe it takes “a church to raise a Christian teen”, meaning we believe that it takes many different kinds of relationships for teens to grow in their faith. Specifically, this means that teens need a range of influences which include their peers, mentors, pastors, and of course you, as parents.
Each and every day our teens are learning more about the world and themselves, and we hope that as they grow we will be there to help teach them about who God is and how to be in relationship with Him. While still a fun place to meet friends and relax, we start the process of challenging our teens intellectually and emotionally so that they can having the proper foundation to make the choice to follow Christ.
Our Youth Ministry is led by Morgan Yeh with the help of a number of adult volunteers.  Our youth counselors are young adults and parent volunteers who have a heart for youth, and are not only there on Fridays and Sundays but make attempts to develop real relationships outside of church.  We ask for your prayers and support and we encourage you to play the most important role in the spiritual development of your teens. Our hope and prayer is that these circle of relationships can be influential in introducing your teens to the most important relationship of all, Jesus Christ.

Working with Parents

We believe that consistency in the participation in worship and Christian education is vital for the spiritual formation of your teen. They look to you above all else to see what it means to be Christian.  Please make Sunday mornings a priority for your family and spiritually engage your teens regularly in what they are learning and how they are growing.
We coordinate with the Ai Jia (Love Family) Fellowship to provide occasional classes on parenting for parents of children and youth. We know that it can be a challenging and turbulent time at home as your youth is testing boundaries, challenging limits, and becoming an adult, so these classes are provided as a time to build community and encourage one another. We look forward to working together with you to provide your teen the loving and supportive environment needed to mature in a healthy, God-centered way. We encourage you to join our bimonthly parents’ meeting where you will hear the latest news, events, and needs. In addition, we need volunteers to help with our different events which may involve transportation, cooking, and other tasks.

Worship Service

11:30 am every Sunday in the main sanctuary.

Sunday School

10:00am every Sunday morning in blue room on the bottom floor.

Youth Group

8:00pm every Friday in the main lobby.