Young Adults

Church is meant to be a community of believers.  Far too often, we rush in and rush out without taking the time to get to know people.  As a result, we lack a spiritual depth and rooting that is necessary. The groups that we meet in are designed to help us create and deepen Christian community within the church.

No matter where you are spiritually, these groups should help you experience the fullness of Christian community.  Plan to come out and see how God will use them in your life.

Small Groups

These groups will help you grow spiritually through detailed Bible study, prayer, and personal accountability. The men’s and women’s group will meet twice-per-month. Keep posted by signing up for our newsletter!

If you’ve been attending the church for awhile, but still feel like you need a place to grow, look into these groups. Or if you’re new to the church and want to find a Bible study and some spiritual accountability, then become a part of these Small Groups.

Large Group

These meetings will be once-a-month. The Large Group meetings are the perfect place for you to start participating in community life.  The meetings will be full of music, meaningful relationships, and messages (topical messages).

If you only come on Sundays, then these Large Groups are a great way to get to know people and experience Christian community.  If you’ve been at the church and already know a lot of people, come out and participate in community life.  It promises to be a meaningful experience.

Sunday School

Sunday School is on Sunday mornings at 10 AM in the library and run in sessions based around a book reading

The young adult ministry is comprised of students, professionals and young families. We strive to form deep and lasting relationships with one another so that we can encourage each other and grow in Christ. We meet in growth groups that meet at different times and local locations during the week.

We are committed to being on mission with Jesus in our neighborhood and around the world. This year, we are partnering with Remember Niger by sponsoring five children’s school tuition this year. Through our support, these young children will be able to attend a Christian school, receive basic assistance with food and health care, receive school supplies and more. We also send them letters and encouragement so that we can support them completely.