Children’s Ministry


“There are two powerful influences on the planet – the church and the home. They both exist because God initiated them. They both exist because God desires to use them to demonstrate His plan of redemption and restoration. If they work together they can potentially make a greater impact than if they work alone. They need each other. Too much is at stake for either one to fail. Their primary task to build God’s kingdom in the hearts of men and women, sons, and daughters”

– Reggie Joiner, Think Orange: Imagine the Impact When Church and Family Collide.

With this in view, as the leaders of both English and Taiwanese ministries, we seek to partner with our families to point the next generation to Jesus by proclaiming, demonstrating, and forming the gospel in us and in whom we serve.

Our Philosophy of Ministry

There is a wise saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”. We believe it takes “a church to raise a child in the way of Jesus”, meaning we believe that it takes many different kinds of relationships for children to grow in their faith. Specifically, this means that children need a range of influences which include their peers, mentors, pastors, and of course, parents!

Since parent’s play the most significant role in the faith development of their children, we are dedicated to equipping parents as well as being integrative in our approach to our content. To aid us in this direction, we are currently using  Tru Story curriculum that reinforces our philosophy of ministry.

What to Expect Each Sunday

Our Children’s Ministry is led by Huai-En Tsai with the help of a number of adult volunteers.

Every Sunday begins at 10 am with an introductory activity that sets the the tone for the day. A story teller will creatively introduce our story. Afterward, children will break into age appropriate small groups with two leaders to help process what they have learned. Through his process, our hope is for the children to have an encounter with God and to invite them to respond to God.

After a small break, the children will be escorted to the English service at 11:30 am where they will join you in the first half of the worship service. The hope behind this is again to reinforce the concept of worshiping together as a family.

We hope and pray that this format will be helpful for your children to encounter God and to engage his Word. Together, we hope that a new generation will be built up and given a worldview that is shaped by the gospel.