Little Lights 31X31 Campaign

via If you, your family, or growth group would like to raise money to help LL’s campaign, Steve and Mary brought along soup cans that serve as piggy banks. If you’d like one, please let me know. Posted via web from loveable liusers read more →

Hard but Good Questions to Ask Yourself

As your growth group evolves, perhaps you can consider these questions as well. They are some pretty hard hitting questions that cuts through the fluff. David Powlison, in his book, Seeing with New Eyes (P & R Publishing, 2003) examines human motivation—why we do what we do by listing 35 questions that are practical, theological,.. read more →

The Unadjusted Gospel and the Asian American Church

via Our friend Geoff Chang who has spoken here at CTPC numerous times, is part of a ministry dedicated to building healthy Asian American churches called Project Antioch. Recently, they held a preconference at Together for the Gospel featuring Dr. Jeff Jue, professor at Westminster Theological Seminary. He spoke on the topic, “The Unadjusted.. read more →