How to be a difference maker in the local church

Kevin DeYoung gave a list of suggestions for how to be a difference maker in the local church in his message at Next 2010 conference. Read, listen, and apply. He said: Find a good local church. Get involved. Become a member. Stay there as long as you can. Put away thoughts of a revolution for.. read more →

An outline to consider

Before I share my attempt to articulate the gospel without using Christianese, here’s an outline by John Chapman that can help frame your thoughts. 1. God This is God’s world, he made it. God made Jesus ruler of his world, through his rising from the dead. Jesus has the right to control and run our.. read more →

Articulating the Gospel without using Christianese

Have you ever played taboo? The game starts with a word that you are supposed to explain for others to guess. The catch is that below the word, there are synonyms that you are not supposed to use. It makes it quite challenging to explain something when key words are “taboo”. Last week, we engaged.. read more →