The Powerful King

Big Idea: Jesus shows us what his kingdom looks like by showing his power over the brokenness of the world. Scripture: Mark 1:14 – 2:12 (sorry, but the audio cuts off at the 20 minute mark) read more →

07 Dec 2009
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The Promised King

Scripture: Mark 1:1-13 Big Idea: Jesus is the promised king who lives for us and dies for us by bearing the judgment due to us so that we can be reconciled to God. read more →

01 Dec 2009
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Joy in all things

Big Idea: Through Christ, true contentment is possible Scripture: Philippians 4:10-32 Introduction Recently I got the wonderful opportunity to speak at GMU’s Campus Crusade for Christ’s EPIC chapter. I was recalling my days with CCC at Virginia Tech in the early nineties when it dawned on me that most if not all the students there.. read more →

16 Nov 2009
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