Peter Chin Featured in the Washington Post

While in the midst of a search for an interim pastor, we’ve been so lucky and blessed to hear the Word of God from multiple guest speakers. We’re so thankful for their generosity and their willingness to serve us! Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of having Pastor Peter Chin deliver a message to us.. read more →

Is God for you or against you?

Is God for you or against you? How you answer this question impacts your day-to-day doesn’t it? It affects the way you interpret your circumstances and failures. It affects the way you see yourself and others. Most importantly, it impacts the way we see God. If God has a perpetual frowny face on you, then.. read more →

12 Dec 2011
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Waiting knowing God is working

For Christians and non-Christians alike, the suffering and hardships of this life poses a problem when it comes to God. Is he indifferent? Why isn’t he involved? Why isn’t God working in and around me? This past sermon attempts to answer these questions by showing us that indeed God is working from the beginning to.. read more →

05 Dec 2011
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