Urbana Videos

As you know, a few of our folks are at the Urbana ’09 Missions Conference. To get a glimpse of what they are experiencing, the Urbana website has been posting their sessions. Here’s an interview of Patrick Fung, president of OMF. For other videos, go here. Interview with Patrick Fung from Urbana 09 on Vimeo. read more →

Being on mission with Jesus

In the case you’ve missed home group lately, we’ve been exploring what it means to be missional Christians through the book on Jonah. It’s probably be more appropriate to say we’re learning how not to do mission through Jonah. But what we do get to see is God’s heart through the disobedience of Jonah. It’s.. read more →

Wayne and Gail update

This past week was very eventful. We had the privilege of visiting two other tribal locations…we bathed in a crystal clean river 30 miles from the border of Indonesia for almost a week, Wayne finally ate some grubs and Abby finally got the big M! read more →