LL Day 4

  So it’s the final blog entry that will be posted during our trip to Little Lights. Everything is just fine. Most of the reports from the debriefing today were singing praises to the kids with a few minor exceptions. So overall a nice and easy day.  Waking up in the morning is always a.. read more →

LL Day 2

 heysi got a headache at the moment so you’ll all have to excuse my failure of grammar and spelling in general.day 0: as we moved in, a thunderstorm began and we quickly unpacked and talked a bit. we settled down and played cards for a while (ERS ftw)day 1: oddly enough, i wasn’t very nervous-.. read more →

LL Day 1

Hey all,well today was a pretty good start to the week, at least for me  definitely. This year things were a little bit different: Instead of two ages per group it’s now three. Example: my group is 9-11 year-old-girls. A nice surprise for me this year is that my first day seemed much easier from the.. read more →