Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Jason

“But I didn’t do nothin’!” This was the phrase of the week at Little Lights. The kids would always deny every accusation thrown at them without a second thought – in their minds, they never did anything wrong. Having a strong will is necessary for survival in a place like Potomac Gardens, but everybody always.. read more →

Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Shannon

Going into Little Lights, I did not really have expectations good or bad. I was just excited to be working with children and spending time with the people on the trip. I also did not have much prior knowledge of what Little Lights was. Pretty much all I knew was that I would be working.. read more →

Little Lights Mission Trip 2013

In early July, CTPC sent a youth group team to serve Little Lights Urban Ministries located in South East, DC. Little Lights works with families in local public housing units to provide them resources and opportunities. Our team consisted of Teresa, Joshua, Jessica, Yi-Ying, Shuai-Ya, Mayline, Erica, and Jason. The children that we were serving came.. read more →