China Missions

Dear CTPC friends, Every time I tell my testimony, God reminds me how blessed I am that He placed me in this spiritual community that fed me and nurtured me almost since I was born. I am who I am today largely because of CTPC. It allowed me to have a walk with God and.. read more →

Taiwan Missions

?I can’t say I was expecting to be involved in missions when I planned my visit to Taiwan. After Little Lights, I thought my mission experiences for the summer were over. The lack of planning itself caught me off guard. We had prepared for weeks to go into Little Lights. In Taiwan, I had not.. read more →

Africa Missions

TRAVELING This missions trip was the longest journey I have ever been on. It took us 7 hours to get to Amsterdam with a 2 hour layover (4 hour on the way back). It took another 7 hours to get to Nairobi. The ride up to Otturot from Nairobi was pretty crazy. The 12 of.. read more →