Meeting our Students through Remember Niger

Thrilled and nervous, I was looking forward to meet with the 8-year-old girl whom I sponsor, Nana Yesmina at the Zinder elementary school. I’ve looked at her profile picture a few times before I came to Niger to make sure I remember how she looks like. The moment finally came, the shy girl with her bright orange, white and black plaid headscarf bowed her head while walking towards me. read more →

Mission to Faith Hope Love Academy in Hualien, Taiwan

For years I have watched many of my church brothers and sisters go on short-term and long-term trips. I've heard the stories, seen the slideshow presentations, and wondered if I was called to go like they were. When I got an invitation to serve at a juvenile detention center on the east coast of Taiwan this year, I accepted - partly out of a desire to serve and obey Christ's commands, and partly out of curiosity. Can people really make a difference in a week's time? Is all the money and effort spent reaching out to people halfway around the world actually "worth it"? read more →

Summer English Camp 2013 in Taoyuan, Taiwan

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how to put my experience at Yuan-Ze University Summer English Camp (SEC) this year in words. I was there as an English teacher, but in turn I actually learned an incredible amount from the American team, the Taiwanese coworkers, and even the kids. read more →