Knowing the Nature of Your Evil

John Piper:  It is important that we know the nature of the evil in our hearts. Do you think the essence of your evil is disobeying commandments? That’s a good start. But it’s not the essence of our evil. Commands simply name the evil and its fruits, and tell us not to do them. The.. read more →

Asian dads get a ‘C’ for being clueless

I’m preaching on the subject of “Fatherhood” this Sunday based on Ephesians 6:4. During my preparation, I came across this article, “Asian dads get a “C” for being clueless” which is a study on teenagers in Asia and their thoughts concerning their dads. Here’s what they found:  More than 3,000 teenagers aged 14 to 18.. read more →

Unorthodox Sleeping Patterns

One of Justin’s great features since he was born was how easy it was to get him to sleep. When he was younger, he never needed a bedtime story or song. We would put him down, and walked out of the room. Simple as that. Now that he’s 2 and a half, our bedtimes have.. read more →