Parenting Seminars

Most people think that parenting is an innate ability - either you can or you can't. But, that couldn't be further from the truth. Like everything else, the gospel needs to be applied to the task of leading and raising children in the ways of the Lord.

So we're going to start the conversation on what gospel-centered parenting looks like. read more →

Youth Group Christmas Party 2012

The Youth Group spent Friday night celebrating the coming of Christmas! We welcomed back several college students who stopped by and even some new comers. The youth have been scoping each other out for an entire month after receiving their Secret Santa assignments. With the help of this game we got to know each other’s.. read more →

A Welcome Message from Pastor Young Park

As most of you know, since Pastor Ken’s departure, the church has been looking for an interim to step in and serve the church. I’m excited that God has called me to be your interim pastor through this time of transition and change. Having known Ken for the past 5 years, I feel gifted and positioned to care.. read more →