Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Jason

“But I didn’t do nothin’!” This was the phrase of the week at Little Lights. The kids would always deny every accusation thrown at them without a second thought – in their minds, they never did anything wrong. Having a strong will is necessary for survival in a place like Potomac Gardens, but everybody always.. read more →

Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Shannon

Going into Little Lights, I did not really have expectations good or bad. I was just excited to be working with children and spending time with the people on the trip. I also did not have much prior knowledge of what Little Lights was. Pretty much all I knew was that I would be working.. read more →

VBS 2014 “The Big God Story”

2014 CTPC VBS is going to take place on August 4-8, 2014 from 9 am to 4:30 pm at Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Falls Church, VA. The topic of this year is “Big God Story” featuring 5 “Big” ponder-point bible lessons alone with Arts, Music, PE classes and funny activities in the afternoon. We’ll.. read more →