Holy Week 2015: The Cross as Fulfillment

Friday, April 3 John 19:17-37 In each of the four gospel accounts, the crucifixion is presented in slightly different ways.  Certain people and certain moments are emphasized in one account but not in another.  Each gospel writer emphasizes things that are important to their overall purpose in writing their gospel account. In John’s gospel, the.. read more →

03 Apr 2015
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Holy Week 2015: Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer

Thursday, April 2 John 17 Jesus’ ministry is quickly coming to a close.  He triumphantly entered Jerusalem as King, but is preparing to die like a common criminal.  Knowing that the end is near, Jesus lifts up a beautiful prayer for His children. The prayer consists of two sections.  In part one (verses 1-14), Jesus.. read more →

02 Apr 2015
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Holy Week 2015: The Vine and the Branches

Wednesday, April 1 John 15:1-11 We no longer live in an agrarian culture.  We are not used to thinking about the details of trees and plants like Jesus’ disciples would have been.  In this section, Jesus tries to explain what the Christian life is like.  In the analogy, He captures the organic and dynamic nature.. read more →

01 Apr 2015
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