Travel: For Business, For Pleasure, For God.

Joel is a member of CTPC and is currently serving as deacon of spiritual growth. As I write this, I’m on the tenth floor of a Hilton, overlooking Memphis scenery and rows of strip malls and BBQ joints. This is my first business trip since quitting my stable job more than a year ago and.. read more →

Meeting our Students through Remember Niger

Thrilled and nervous, I was looking forward to meet with the 8-year-old girl whom I sponsor, Nana Yesmina at the Zinder elementary school. I’ve looked at her profile picture a few times before I came to Niger to make sure I remember how she looks like. The moment finally came, the shy girl with her bright orange, white and black plaid headscarf bowed her head while walking towards me. read more →

Holy Week 2015: The Burial

Saturday, April 4 John 19:38-42 In the celebration of Easter, Saturday is a strange day.  Jesus has died on the cross, but there has been no resurrection yet.  It is a day of shock.  The disciples are probably in a state of disbelief, wondering if the crucifixion was real.  Others are probably wondering what happens.. read more →

04 Apr 2015
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