JYG: Honest Questions and Honest Answers about Gender

As Valentine’s Day rolls around this year, the CTPC youth group met with our other youth group partners to have a fun Joint Youth Group discussion on gender. First we got to hear the testimony of Phillip and Georgia, a newlywed couple, who talked about the role that God played in their dating life and.. read more →

Youth Group Sleepover 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, the youth group took full advantage of their winter break and had sleepovers. The boys went to one house and the girls went to another to talk about things like where we find our self-worth and what our individual love languages are. With candid honesty and even a dancing.. read more →

Youth Group Christmas Party 2012

The Youth Group spent Friday night celebrating the coming of Christmas! We welcomed back several college students who stopped by and even some new comers. The youth have been scoping each other out for an entire month after receiving their Secret Santa assignments. With the help of this game we got to know each other’s.. read more →