Colombia Missions Trip Debrief

Thank you again for your financial support of my mission trip to Colombia. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go to Pereira this past spring break and pray and share the gospel there. It was blessed and blessing work, but what I am most thankful for is just being able to walk.. read more →

Unplugging as a Spiritual Discipline

Since this is the season of Lent, here’s a practical repost from a few years ago. I need to heed my own exhortations! [quote]”When you fast…” Matthew 6:16–17[/quote] The assumption by Jesus is that those who follow him would fast. Fasting is simply abstaining for the sake of creating space for God to work.  The struggle.. read more →

It’s All About Jesus

[quote]“Jesus is not only the most important figure in the Bible, he is the key that unlocks it all, the light that illumines it all, the organizing principle, the climax prepared for and then presented. Jesus is the point of the whole Bible. Remove Jesus from the Bible, and you don’t have a hero hall.. read more →