Summer Study: “Experiencing God”

For this Summer, we’ll be exploring the topic, “Experiencing God” during our Sunday School hour at 10:00am. This is open to all including adults, college students, and HS. Here’s a description: “Have you had an experience of God?” It’s a question that provokes mixed reactions. The word “experience” may set alarm bells ringing for some.. read more →

Pray for our short term missionaries

Every summer, we get the privilege of sending folks from our congregation overseas to do missions work. It’s a great honor to come alongside of Pauline, Tim, and Elaine in their ministries. Below are short descriptions of their respective work as well as a link for more details. Please keep them in your prayers and.. read more →

Staying Engaged in Mercy Ministries

[My fellow Scrubs with the Lawndale Staff][Photo Credit: John Choi] Last week, I met with my Scrubs cohort for the third and last time (officially). This last module dealt with how we face the brokenness within the world. What I appreciated the most about this particular module was the balance of biblical/theological reflection as well.. read more →