Jesus, the Final Destination

This past Sunday, we asked ourselves, how can we finish well? It’s one thing to start well, but it’s another thing to finish well. As we explored Hebrews 3 together, we learned that… To finish well, we need to keep our eyes on the destination To finish well, we need to know the hazards along.. read more →

12 Mar 2012
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Witness of Fellowship

This past week, Pastor Sam capped off a great weekend with a message that gave us a vision of what our church could look like.  Here were the three ways in which our fellowship strengthens our gospel witness. Our spiritual hunger is our common denominator Our neighbors notice the difference when there’s extraordinary sacrifice Homes become.. read more →

Next Steps

As a pastor, I’ve been to my fair share of conferences. Most of the time, it’s like drinking out of a fire hose! But information transfer doesn’t guarantee inner transformation. So let me offer some tips and resources to help you process your thoughts. 1. Carve out time for personal reflection It’s easy to dive.. read more →

21 Nov 2011
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