Mission to Faith Hope Love Academy in Hualien, Taiwan

For years I have watched many of my church brothers and sisters go on short-term and long-term trips. I've heard the stories, seen the slideshow presentations, and wondered if I was called to go like they were. When I got an invitation to serve at a juvenile detention center on the east coast of Taiwan this year, I accepted - partly out of a desire to serve and obey Christ's commands, and partly out of curiosity. Can people really make a difference in a week's time? Is all the money and effort spent reaching out to people halfway around the world actually "worth it"? read more →

Introducing Muslims to Jesus Christ

On Sunday morning before service we had an opportunity to hear from Pastor James Cha, talking about ways to introduce Muslims to Jesus Christ. Pastor James is a representative to the DC area for the Crescent Project, whose mission it is to inspire, equip and serve the Church to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Christ.. read more →

Christine’s testimony

Read Christine's testimony about her recent missions trip to Ethiopia... read more →