Passion Week: Day 7

Day 7 (The Resurrection): Read Luke 24:1-12. The resurrection account starts with women. It is interesting that God chose to reveal the resurrection first to these women. Culturally, women weren’t important, they were second class citizens. Women’s testimonies couldn’t be used in a court of law because they were women. And yet the story of the.. read more →

Passion Week: Day 6

Day 6: Read Luke 23:50-56. I’ve always tried to imagine what Saturday was like for Jesus’ disciples. Were they in shock, denial, despair, all of the above? Did any of them have hope for a resurrection, and if so, how did the others handle that? They must have felt lost, alone, even abandoned. They must.. read more →

Passion Week: Day 5

Day 5 (Good Friday): Read Luke 23:1-49. There are so many interesting things about Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. Trumped up charges, proclaimed innocent by a Roman official, mocked by a hostile crowd, deserted by friends, these are just some of the unique things about Jesus’ death. On the cross, Jesus showed remarkable restraint as the.. read more →