Chrysostrom on true beauty

Chrysostrom on true beauty: ‘Is a pearl beautiful? yet consider, it is but sea water, and was once cast away in the bosom of the deep. Are gold and silver beautiful? yet they were and are but dust and ashes. Are silken vestments beautiful? yet they are nothing but the spinning of worms. This beauty.. read more →

Sharon and Martin Updates

[Sharon and Martin are both in Ghana on a medical mission trip. Here are updates from Martin. I’ll post when I get updates from him via email.] 7/31/09 5:30 PM Because of the other team members that couldn’t make it, we’re missing another box of medical supplies.. please pray that God will provide us what.. read more →

Church: Love it, Don’t Leave it

Kevin DeYoung (a classmate of mine in seminary, but I never knew him personally), wrote an article called, “Church: Love it, Don’t Leave it” which can be found in the On Faith section of the Washington Post: We love the church because Christ loved the church. She is his bride–a harlot at times, but his.. read more →