Who are you?

In Youth Group, we will be exploring the theme of “identity”. Tim Keller shows us why identity matters: “Identity is a complex set of layers, for we are many things. Our occupation, ethnic identity, etc., are part of who we are. But we assign different values to these components and thus Christian maturing is a.. read more →

09 Nov 2009
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DC, the nation’s mecca for singles?

Our English ministry is exploring what it means to be a community on mission. Through the book of Jonah, we are realizing how easy it is to be indifferent and unaware of what God is doing around us. We are asking God to open our eyes to the needs around us. One way is just.. read more →

02 Nov 2009
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Lifehouse, “Everything”

Lifehouse, “Everything” from Ken Liu on Vimeo. read more →

12 Oct 2009
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