Gratitude vs. Greed

With the Christmas season around the corner, it’s easy to be a poor steward of your time and money as you get pulled in a thousand directions. Here’s an excellent graph by Jamie Munson (via Resurgence) that describes the difference between a life of gratitude and a life of greed. Here’s an excerpt: [quote]The totality.. read more →

Dating Wisdom

Seeing that our ministry has a good number of singles in their 20’s and 30’s, there’s no doubt dating and marriage are in the minds of many. I found a sample chapter from Mark Driscoll’s book, Religion Saves on the subject of dating. It’s a pretty comprehensive chapter that is full of wisdom and practical.. read more →

A Gospel Approach to Evangelism

from the “Gospel and the Heart” study, Harbor Presbyterian Church, San Diego CA The liberal/pragmatist approach to evangelism is to deny the legitimacy of evangelism altogether. By contrast, the conservative/moralist person does believe in proselytizing, because “we are right and they are wrong.” Such proselytizing is almost always offensive. The gospel is a “third way,”.. read more →