Human Individuality for non-human objects?

I mentioned on Sunday that we are created to love people and use things, but somehow we have a distortion in our priorties. Instead, we love things and use people. We depersonalize people, but personalize things. This week, I stumbled across this website called The tagline is hard to see, but this is what.. read more →

Gospel and Cultural Diversity

I found this quote in my journal which would have been helpful for my sermon this past Sunday. Unfortunately I paraphrased it and I didn’t jot down the source. The author is renowned missiologist, Andrew Walls. I remember him visiting my seminary as a guest lecturer and was simply blown away by his perspectives on.. read more →

Peterson on Human Limits

The Unpredictable Plant was one of the first books on pastoral ministry I read while in seminary. It’s been refreshing and convicting to reread again. Eugene Peterson’s writing always provides a well timed “zing” for overly ambitious pastors like myself. This particular quote isn’t a “zinger”, but it’s a helpful perspective to have during these.. read more →