Travel: For Business, For Pleasure, For God.

Joel is a member of CTPC and is currently serving as deacon of spiritual growth. As I write this, I’m on the tenth floor of a Hilton, overlooking Memphis scenery and rows of strip malls and BBQ joints. This is my first business trip since quitting my stable job more than a year ago and.. read more →

Making Church Feel Like Home

Richard is a member of CTPC and is currently serving as a deacon and leader of the college ministry. A New Year It’s another new year and for many of you that means making some New Year’s resolutions. Pastor Young’s sermon a few weeks ago on building the church reminded me of this blog post.. read more →

4 Signs that You’re Too Busy

I'm sure I'm not the only person at our church who has a long commute. Thanks to Pastor Young's recommendation, I now have a great collection of podcasts to keep me company as I'm fighting traffic on 66.

I recently heard a great podcast from The Gospel Coalition which just happens to go well with my previous post on the epidemic of busyness in our country. DeYoung sets the stakes of our busyness epidemic very high: "Busyness has killed more Christians than bullets have." He notes that when we no longer have time to do what Mary was commended for in Luke 10, we are too busy. read more →

30 Dec 2013
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