Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Eric

The inception of the Summer Lights program itself is, to me, a faithful display of God’s work. The students there are almost exclusively children that belong to low-income families living in public housing. To them, anything beyond a place to sleep and a sufficiently filled stomach is considered a luxury. They not only lack items.. read more →

Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Harrison

Volunteering at Summer Lights for a week was an eye-opening and humbling experience. It was difficult for me to interact with the kids at first because of our cultural differences, and I struggled to lead and discipline the children. The children often taunt one another, fight with aggressiveness, and disobey the rules. However, as I.. read more →

Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Jason

“But I didn’t do nothin’!” This was the phrase of the week at Little Lights. The kids would always deny every accusation thrown at them without a second thought – in their minds, they never did anything wrong. Having a strong will is necessary for survival in a place like Potomac Gardens, but everybody always.. read more →