It’s All About Jesus

[quote]“Jesus is not only the most important figure in the Bible, he is the key that unlocks it all, the light that illumines it all, the organizing principle, the climax prepared for and then presented. Jesus is the point of the whole Bible. Remove Jesus from the Bible, and you don’t have a hero hall.. read more →

A Gospel Approach to Evangelism

from the “Gospel and the Heart” study, Harbor Presbyterian Church, San Diego CA The liberal/pragmatist approach to evangelism is to deny the legitimacy of evangelism altogether. By contrast, the conservative/moralist person does believe in proselytizing, because “we are right and they are wrong.” Such proselytizing is almost always offensive. The gospel is a “third way,”.. read more →

Reflections from Lynchburg

During one of my sessions, I remarked how important it was for churches to network together in order to reach a city or in our case, a county. No one church can reach the city, even the giga church down the street. Churches need strategic partnerships to further our reach. Rather than working independently, we.. read more →