Summer Study: “Experiencing God”

For this Summer, we’ll be exploring the topic, “Experiencing God” during our Sunday School hour at 10:00am. This is open to all including adults, college students, and HS. Here’s a description: “Have you had an experience of God?” It’s a question that provokes mixed reactions. The word “experience” may set alarm bells ringing for some.. read more →

Changes in 2011

Retreat ministry can play an important role in the life of the local church. Over the past several years, the tradition has been to have a winter retreat for youth, and all-church retreat in the summer. Lately, a few circumstances have led us to consider something different and more strategic. My growing family – In.. read more →

Gratitude vs. Greed

With the Christmas season around the corner, it’s easy to be a poor steward of your time and money as you get pulled in a thousand directions. Here’s an excellent graph by Jamie Munson (via Resurgence) that describes the difference between a life of gratitude and a life of greed. Here’s an excerpt: [quote]The totality.. read more →