Book Review: The Songs of Jesus, by Tim Keller, with Kathy Keller

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14 Dec 2016
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A Meal With Jesus

I love to eat. People who know me, know that I eat a lot. Many people I know take great enjoyment in the intricacies of cooking and eating food, so much so that our culture today even has a label for them—“foodies.” With the onset of social media, it seems like our culture has taken food even more seriously than before.

By now you may be thinking, “I thought I was going to be reading a review on a book about meals with Jesus…” So here’s the reason why I bring all of this up: I think we have allowed our culture to dictate too much our attitude towards meals and eating. In the book, A Meal with Jesus, Chester proposes that a meal can be more than just something we eat. A meal can be an opportunity for grace, community, and mission. Rather than focusing on what we eat, Chester wants us to think about why we eat, and who we eat with. read more →

05 Apr 2013
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Crazy Love

Who hasn't dreamt about being "crazy in love"? The feeling of euphoria, where you're floating on top of a cloud and am consumed by that all powerful feeling. Movies, especially of the chick flick variety, often follow the same formula where two unlikely people fall in love, and it's the journey towards that final fall that's both crazy and exciting.

For someone who is a fan of Jane Austen and all of her modern-day spin offs, I feel like the narrative of people from two different worlds finding each other continues to speak to an inner yearning we all have. And yet, for a very long time as Christian, I never understood that a life in Christ is actually the ultimate narrative of the unlikeliest love - until I read Francis Chan's book, Crazy Love. read more →

22 Mar 2013