China Missions

Dear CTPC friends, Every time I tell my testimony, God reminds me how blessed I am that He placed me in this spiritual community that fed me and nurtured me almost since I was born. I am who I am today largely because of CTPC. It allowed me to have a walk with God and.. read more →

Now what?

While Jonathan and I were driving home from the retreat, we were marveling over the beauty of the gospel. But as we were getting close to home, the reality of our normal routines of life were facing us. Would the rigors of our work, study, and recreation snuff out our hunger for Christ? Would the beauty of the gospel fade as we resume life in the real world? This morning, I was still.. read more →

31 Dec 2007
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Gospel Growth

I just got back from a conference in D.C. called “Gospel Growth vs. Church Growth” cosponsored by 9Marks ministries and a ministry from Australia called Matthias Media (MM). Here’s their introductory statement of the program brochure: “We can only think of a few areas in which Australia is ahead of the United States: rugby, cricket,.. read more →

01 Nov 2007
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