The Fruit of Your Prayers

Thank you CTPC for allowing me to do ministry outside our walls. It was a great privelege and honor to serve the Joint Summer Retreat. One of the churches is my home church, so it was great to see old faces again. I am also good friends with the English pastor of the other  church... read more →

Post Retreat steps

A struggle for many of us is the heightened expectations coming out of retreats. There’s always an inner longing for change which is appropriate and good! But sometimes we can even idolize “change” rather than worshiping Jesus! Sounds strange, but it happens! Jesus is for sure the means of our change, but more importantly, Jesus.. read more →

Vision Retreat Recap

This past weekend was our 2nd annual Vision Retreat. Each year, our leadership and those wanting to get more involved with the ministry gather to envision the new year together. We started our retreat focusing on the ministry of Jesus through the aid of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. It asks: Q. 23. What offices doth.. read more →