Passion Week: Day 6

Day 6: Read Luke 23:50-56. I’ve always tried to imagine what Saturday was like for Jesus’ disciples. Were they in shock, denial, despair, all of the above? Did any of them have hope for a resurrection, and if so, how did the others handle that? They must have felt lost, alone, even abandoned. They must.. read more →

Abundant Life Welcome Party 2012

At this year’s Abundant Life Welcome Party, the Alife coworkers labored hard to make a welcoming and entertaining environment for Mandarin-speaking newcomers to our church. It started the evening before with a decorating marathon. Taiwanese road signs were put up on the walls, lanterns were hung, and colorful posters from a different era completely transformed.. read more →

The Camp of Grace in Lutsao, Taiwan

Dear CTPC family, With greatest appreciation, the VGM team would like to express our gratitude for your prayers and financial support. This was the first time our church has ever sent a short term missions team overseas. Without you being a part of it, we would not have made it. So, thank you! On July.. read more →