God Has Given Everything. What Can I Give?

The question is then, are you being a cheerful giver? Are you being generous in your time, talents, and treasures? If not, is it because you have yet to genuinely meet the God that makes you want to ask, “What can I give?” Or is it because you are still placing the idol of comfort or wealth above God? For some of you, it may be the first. But for most of you who are reading this (including me), to some degree it probably is the latter. read more →

20 Jan 2014
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4 Signs that You’re Too Busy

I'm sure I'm not the only person at our church who has a long commute. Thanks to Pastor Young's recommendation, I now have a great collection of podcasts to keep me company as I'm fighting traffic on 66.

I recently heard a great podcast from The Gospel Coalition which just happens to go well with my previous post on the epidemic of busyness in our country. DeYoung sets the stakes of our busyness epidemic very high: "Busyness has killed more Christians than bullets have." He notes that when we no longer have time to do what Mary was commended for in Luke 10, we are too busy. read more →

30 Dec 2013
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Learning the Importance of Rest

The command to obey the Sabbath sticks out like a rusty nail near the middle of the Ten Commandments, often unnoticed, but with the potential to send the unwary passer-by on a trip to the emergency room. No other biblical command causes as much confusion or misunderstanding to modern, American audiences. "Aren't we under the new covenant, and freed by grace?" "Are you saying we should have 'Sabbath elevators' like Orthodox Jews?" "Isn't trying to obey the Sabbath just legalism?" read more →

04 Nov 2013
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