Holy Week 2015: The Basin and the Towel

Monday, March 30 John 13:1-20 In Old Testament times, footwashing was a part of the responsibility of hospitality. When guests would visit, the host would send a servant with a basin and towel to wash their feet. This servant would sit at the door to wash and dry each guest’s feet. Even amongst the servants,.. read more →

30 Mar 2015
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Making Church Feel Like Home

Richard is a member of CTPC and is currently serving as a deacon and leader of the college ministry. A New Year It’s another new year and for many of you that means making some New Year’s resolutions. Pastor Young’s sermon a few weeks ago on building the church reminded me of this blog post.. read more →

Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Joey

Some may ask what is Little Lights? Well, Little Lights is an organization formed to educate and keep kids out of harms way. How do they do that? They achieve this by creating after school help and summer camps for children living in the projects to keep them off the streets. Entering Little Lights Urban.. read more →