Meeting our Students through Remember Niger

Thrilled and nervous, I was looking forward to meet with the 8-year-old girl whom I sponsor, Nana Yesmina at the Zinder elementary school. I’ve looked at her profile picture a few times before I came to Niger to make sure I remember how she looks like. The moment finally came, the shy girl with her bright orange, white and black plaid headscarf bowed her head while walking towards me. read more →

Holy Week 2015: The Burial

Saturday, April 4 John 19:38-42 In the celebration of Easter, Saturday is a strange day.  Jesus has died on the cross, but there has been no resurrection yet.  It is a day of shock.  The disciples are probably in a state of disbelief, wondering if the crucifixion was real.  Others are probably wondering what happens.. read more →

04 Apr 2015
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Holy Week 2015: The Cross as Fulfillment

Friday, April 3 John 19:17-37 In each of the four gospel accounts, the crucifixion is presented in slightly different ways.  Certain people and certain moments are emphasized in one account but not in another.  Each gospel writer emphasizes things that are important to their overall purpose in writing their gospel account. In John’s gospel, the.. read more →

03 Apr 2015
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