10 Apr 2017

Passion Week: Day 1

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Day 1: Read Luke 19:45-48.

Passion week begins with Jesus’ march into Jerusalem and quickly moves to the temple. At the temple, Jesus chases out all who are there saying, “My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you make it a den of robbers!” Contrary to popular belief, the problem wasn’t that there were people buying and selling. Worshippers would come from long distances and needed to purchase animals to sacrifice if they couldn’t bring their own, or if their own died on the journey there.

The problem was that they were selling IN the temple. Things that were supposed to happen outside were now happening inside. Merchants, vendors, hawkers, salesmen were inside the temple leaving no room for people who wanted to pray and worship. Imagine if that happened today. Imagine if you walked into the sanctuary on Sunday and there were groups of people doing different things inside the worship room. Some people might be having a Bible study, others drinking coffee and talking, others running a boisterous Sunday school class for 7 year olds, along with a praise team running a full band practice. It would be chaos!

Jesus needed to cleanse the temple, to kick people out because the way things were, people couldn’t come and worship. Outside things came inside and so the inside things stopped happening.

1.  Have outside things crowded out the inside things for you? Do you spend time in prayer, meditation and fellowship with God or is your Christian life full of “outside” stuff without any real inside stuff?

2.  What do you need to kick out so that you can be able to pray and worship this week?

3.  Based on this passage, how can you (should you) love Jesus more?

Prayer:  Perfect God, I bow my knee before the wisdom of the cross. The death of your spotless Son is the only and entirely complete sacrifice and satisfaction for my sins. It is of infinite value and worth, more than enough to cover not only mine but the sins of the whole world. Amen. (from Seeking God’s Face)

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