02 Apr 2015

Holy Week 2015: Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer

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Thursday, April 2
John 17

Jesus’ ministry is quickly coming to a close.  He triumphantly entered Jerusalem as King, but is preparing to die like a common criminal.  Knowing that the end is near, Jesus lifts up a beautiful prayer for His children.

The prayer consists of two sections.  In part one (verses 1-14), Jesus acknowledges the near completion of His mission.  He has finished His work of glorifying the Father to an unbelieving world.  The Word has gone out and God’s children have been brought in.  Then, in part two (v. 15-26), Jesus prays for His people.

Today, read through this prayer a few times.  Then, focus on v. 15-26.  Make a list of the things Jesus prays for His people (for example, v. 15 – protection from Satan).  After you have made your list, think about why these things are important and pray them for our church.

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