04 Aug 2014

Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Shannon

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Going into Little Lights, I did not really have expectations good or bad. I was just excited to be working with children and spending time with the people on the trip. I also did not have much prior knowledge of what Little Lights was. Pretty much all I knew was that I would be working with inner city children within a Christian organization and tutoring them. However, Little Lights turned out to be much more than that. It is a structured environment that teaches children discipline through love. I was both impressed and encouraged by the strength of the children and staff’s faith in Christ.

It reminded me of how I should be thankful and give praise to the Lord in everything and without hesitation”

One of the most pleasantly surprising things I saw in the children was their willingness to pray. Often their prayers would simply consist of the phrases, “Thank you God” and “Please let there be no timeouts today.” Although it was rare to go an entire day without any timeouts, they are unafraid to be bold and ask. Upon looking back, I believe this boldness should be a characteristic of my own prayers even on topics that may seem trivial to me.

Later during the week, I was in the academic room reading with one of the children while another child, Taylor, was playing a math game on the computer. At one point during the game, Taylor asked for help from one of the other volunteers. However, before the volunteer could help, Taylor clicked the correct answer at which time he said, “Oh, never mind,” to the volunteer, directly followed by a loud “Thank you Jesus!” It was one of the most adorable and memorable moments of Little Lights. It reminded me of how I should be thankful and give praise to the Lord in everything and without hesitation.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with the Little Lights children and staff. I have truly come to admire the staff’s dedication, their ability to instruct the children, and their focus on God as the center of their lives. God’s fingerprint is clearly on the community and its people.

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