19 Aug 2014

Little Lights 2014 Reflection: Harrison

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Volunteering at Summer Lights for a week was an eye-opening and humbling experience. It was difficult for me to interact with the kids at first because of our cultural differences, and I struggled to lead and discipline the children. The children often taunt one another, fight with aggressiveness, and disobey the rules.

However, as I began to reach out to the kids with more courage, I realized that despite these children live in poverty and express inappropriate manners at times, God is still present in them. The children were eager to sing praise, were willing to pray for one another, and were hungry for God’s word.

One of the moments that struck me is that during snack time, the kids were more than happy to share their snacks with the volunteers. Even though many of these children live in extreme poverty, where every loaf of bread is worth fighting for, they’re still kind, warm, and loving enough to sacrifice their own materials to see smiles on others faces.

I realized that what these children need the most is not material wealth, but genuine love.

Some children held my hands, hugged me tight, or even asked me to pray for them without knowing who I am. It is humbling to see how loving these kids are and how faithful these kids are towards God, even though they are going through so many worldly sufferings.

In an area where poverty, domestic violence, and broken families are prevalent, Little Lights serves as an organization that provides a safe, loving, and holy environment for the children of God.

It was eye-opening to work with loving staff members to love the children and spread the gospel. Perhaps, just perhaps, the seeds Little Lights planted in these children will flourish one day, and they will become the witnesses of our loving God.

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