08 Apr 2014

Celebrating the Holy Week at CTPC

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Community Vision

As Holy Week approaches, millions of Christians are preparing to remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. This year, we want to prepare for the death and resurrection together, as one body in Christ. The church isn’t just a collection of people, it’s a spiritual community. It is a community of faith, a place where spiritual growth happens together. So this year, we encourage the church to prepare together.


There are five parts to our experience of Holy Week as a church:

  • Devotional reading through Matthew – Using the readings listed below and the John Piper devotional, Love to the Uttermost, we will read and meditate on the same passages together. The devotional can be found at our website.
  • Prayer for the church – Please set aside extra time to pray together for the church. Decide how much time you can/want to spend praying this particular week and set aside a place and time to pray. Then, as you pray, take time to pray for the people and ministry of CTPC EM.
  • Fasting – As a church, we ask you to take one or two days to fast a meal or two. In addition, we are asking our congregation to also participate in a media fast. A media fast is a good way to remove the outer noise and clutter that is always around us. Use the extra time to pray, spend time with family or friends, or find a good
    Christian book to read.
  • Share with others – Tell others what you are experiencing and learning through the week. Take time during the week to talk to church friends and cultivate a stronger understanding of the gospel.
  • Worship together – Set aside Friday night and Sunday morning to worship as a church. These services are the pinnacle of our Easter celebration. Come prayerfully and respond to God’s grace!

Easter Morning Breakfast

On Easter Sunday, we will have a special Easter morning breakfast at 9 am. Along with food, we will sing and pray and spend time reflecting on the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It will be a wonderful way for us to share in God’s grace as we celebrate the gospel in our lives!

Use the resources found below or picked up during service to help you prepare your hearts!

Holy Week at CTPC

Love to the Uttermost – John Piper

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