30 Dec 2013

4 Signs that You’re Too Busy

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Joel serves as the president of Abundant Life and regularly leads worship. Photo credit: recordinghacks.com

Food for Your Soul on Your Daily Commute

I’m sure I’m not the only person at our church who has a long commute. (Although I may win the prize for LONGEST commute.) Thanks to Pastor Young’s recommendation, I now have a great collection of podcasts to keep me company as I’m fighting traffic on 66. The list includes offerings from Timothy Keller, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Mars Hill Church: Mark Driscoll Audio, The Village Church, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, and The Gospel Coalition.

I recently heard a great podcast from The Gospel Coalition which just happens to go well with my previous post on the epidemic of busyness in our country. It’s reassuring to hear other people’s struggles with this issue, and also to get some practical advice. The podcasts from TGC either take the form of a sermon-length message or an interview with some of the great Reformed pastors of our generation. This particular podcast was an interview by Mark Mellinger of Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, MI.

DeYoung sets the stakes of our busyness epidemic very high: “Busyness has killed more Christians than bullets have.” He notes that when we no longer have time to do what Mary was commended for in Luke 10, we are too busy. He also lists some warning signs that can start to let us know when it’s time to cut back:

  • Irritability: Often when we overcommit, we become more easily upset and angered, and less patient.
  • Getting buried by tasks: Sometimes, we wake up in the morning and think, If I can only just break even with my to-do list, I am doing okay.
  • When we lose the basic rhythms of life — work and rest: With the advent of smart phones, we literally can be doing work anywhere at any time in our lives. And while we’re at work we can also be taking care of home tasks. iPhones should serve us, but they can also be our master.
  • Feeling guilty or lazy:  Sometimes, when we have leisure time with nothing to do, we feel guilty or lazy, as if we should be doing something productive all the time.

While there certainly are seasons of extreme busyness in life, like having a newborn baby, etc, DeYoung reminds us that our whole life cannot be like that. Of course it’s slightly ironic that I’m using podcasts as a way to squeeze even more “productivity” out of a portion of my day. (Actually, I’ve found that listening to podcasts also keeps me from checking my texts and e-mail while behind the wheel, but that’s another post….) If you find yourself on the road a lot, I hope one or two of these podcasts will give you some inspiration, too.

When You’re Too Busy to Be Godly from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

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