26 Aug 2013

New Sermon Series: Sept 8

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Does God work in the world today?  Does He see suffering?  If He does, why doesn’t He do something?

We ask these questions a lot.  We look around the world and we ask if God sees what we see.  Does He see the earthquakes, the famine, the exploitation, the oppression?  Does He even care?

But, these questions are personal too.  We look at our own lives and we see our own pain and suffering.  Does God see my problems, my struggles, my fears, my regrets?  Does He understand what I’m going through?  Does He care about me?

We ask those questions because we feel lost and adrift.

The book of Exodus answers those questions for the Israelites and for us.  God sends His people a deliverer, one who will “save” His people.  In doing so, we see a glimpse, we get a foretaste of what God will one day do for us.

 Starting Sept. 8 – The Depth of God’s Salvation: A Study Through the Book of Exodus


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