09 Feb 2013

JYG: Honest Questions and Honest Answers about Gender

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As Valentine’s Day rolls around this year, the CTPC youth group met with our other youth group partners to have a fun Joint Youth Group discussion on gender.

First we got to hear the testimony of Phillip and Georgia, a newlywed couple, who talked about the role that God played in their dating life and what it meant to be intentional. They were able to give guidance and speak to what it means to honor each other and prioritize purity before they were married, and even shared personal stories like how Phillip proposed while skydiving.

We then spent time in a gender-based discussion where the boys were asked anonymous questions by the girls and vice-versa. This provided an outlet for questions, both serious and silly, that we all might wonder about but never have the chance to ask. Things that came up included:

  • “How would you prefer to be rejected if someone isn’t interested in you?”,
  • “What does PMS feel like emotionally?”
  • “is it ok for a girl to ask a guy out?”
  • “Do you pray for your future wife?”
  • “Why are girls so hard to understand?”

We know that God created both male and female, and although we are both man, we are created differently. It’s clear even to the youth that it is difficult to understand each other, but with thoughtful communication and listening we can give each other the respect and love that we are called to give to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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