30 Dec 2012

Youth Group Sleepover 2012

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As 2012 comes to a close, the youth group took full advantage of their winter break and had sleepovers. The boys went to one house and the girls went to another to talk about things like where we find our self-worth and what our individual love languages are. With candid honesty and even a dancing tutorial, it was a night that generated memorable quotes for the girls. The boys tackled hard topics and also stayed up late into the night using teamwork to defeat a zombie invasion.

Times like these that the youth get to spend together are invaluable to building the strong relationships that will help encourage and keep them accountable as they face everyday challenges and victories. It also gives them opportunities to get to know their older brothers and sisters in Christ better and to be more fully integrated into the church body.

Many thanks to the adults who pour their love and care into our Youth Group including all of the parents who supplied snacks and loving older brothers and sisters who spent the evening losing sleep, sharing wisdom, and acting like fools.


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