15 Oct 2012

A Welcome Message from Pastor Young Park

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As most of you know, since Pastor Ken’s departure, the church has been looking for an interim to step in and serve the church. I’m excited that God has called me to be your interim pastor through this time of transition and change. Having known Ken for the past 5 years, I feel gifted and positioned to care for the church well.

Just to introduce myself, I’m Pastor Young. I am the father of three, husband of one. I am currently working as a bookkeeper/accountant at a small construction company in Falls Church. I have served for 15 years as a pastor at three different churches (in DE, CT, and VA). As an associate and a senior pastor, I have worked with youth, college, young adults, young marrieds, and old marrieds. I love the church as much as I did when I graduated from seminary.

My wife, Grace, and I have been married for 12 years. We first met when I was a college pastor in CT, serving on the worship team together. Grace is a classically trained pianist, homemaker, and homeschool teacher (to our three kids). Our three children, Allyson 11, Charissa 9, and Evan 6, are the loves of our lives. Together, we love to find great hiking trails and playing sports together.

To everyone I haven’t met yet…I look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can help you grow to love God more. To everyone I have met…thank you for welcoming me into this church, thank you for praying for me before I even arrived, and thank you for committing to serve the church faithfully.

Pastor Young Park

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